We created Murchison-Hume with the simple idea that beauty and practicality can co-exist, even at the kitchen sink.

Our Mission is simple: We want to make products that are safe for people and planet, truly effective, beautiful to look at and a pleasure to use.

Everything we make and sell echoes our commitment to sustainability and represents our four core values: Practicality, Responsibility, Authenticity and Style.


CYSM616CYSM 616 Ultra Flex Push-Up Compressive Open-Bust Top Shaper$40.99        Add to cart   Get Quote
CYSM356CYSM 356 Post Surgery Compression Face Wrap$34.99        Add to cart   Get Quote
CYSM385CYSM 385 Thermal Body Shaper with Wide-Straps$79.99        Add to cart   Get Quote
CYSM433CYSM 433 Ultra Compressive Back Support Shaper$76.99        Add to cart   Get Quote
CYSM393CYSM 393 Thermal Compression Full Body Shaper$94.99        Add to cart   Get Quote
CYSM259CYSM 259 Legs and Tummy Control Full Body Shaper$67.99        Add to cart   Get Quote
CYSM275CYSM 275 Ultra Silhouette Body$62.99        Add to cart   Get Quote
CYSM436CYSM 436 Tummy Control Body Shaper in Boyshort$79.99        Add to cart   Get Quote
CYSM477CYSM 477 Arms&Tummy Control Body Shaper with Removable Bra$90.99        Add to cart   Get Quote
CYSM295CYSM 295 Top-to-Bottom Arms and Legs Full Body Shaper$99.99        Add to cart   Get Quote
CYSM298CYSM 298 Men's Abdomen and Legs Control Bodysuit$88.99        Add to cart   Get Quote
CYSM456CYSM 456 Butt-Lifting Slimming Bodysuit$79.99        Add to cart   Get Quote
CYSMHPMPJCYSM High Performance Micro Pierced Jacket$49.99        Add to cart   Get Quote
CYSMWBLOUSECYSM Wave Blouse$41.99        Add to cart   Get Quote
CYSMWPANTSCYSM Wave Pants$52.99        Add to cart   Get Quote